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31 oct. 2018

The Badi Palace, the ruins of an ancient wonder

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The Badi palace was known as "The Incomparable" because of its beauty and its large dimensions.      

According to the ancient chroniclers more than 300 rooms were decorated with gold, crystal pearls and turquoises. This  decoration was somehow inspired by Spanish Andalusí Heritage, as La Alhambra or the Taifas.

It was built in the 16Th. century to commemorate the victory of Sultan Ahmed al-Mansour over the Portuguese in the Battle of the Three Kings. For two hundred years it was the cultural and political center of Morocco, until Sultan Moulay Ismail decided to move the capital to the city of Meknes and leave  Badi Palace.

Today Badi palace is still a cultural and religious reference point in Marrakech: the minbar of the Koutoubia Mosque remains inside and the moecin  still calls for prayer.

Also the walls and the archaeological ruins of the courtyard are some of the best preserved remains and are open to the public to admire the richness of past times.

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Historical Tour Route, stop 14: