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22 août 2018

Marrakech, sweet Marrakech

Cathégories: Essentiels
Moroccan sweets

Arab cuisine stands out because of the usage of nuts as one of the main ingredients in many elaborations.

The dishes that are usually made with nuts are desserts and pastries. Generally, nuts are chopped and go together with a thin dough sweetened with honeys, syrups, compotes, cinnamon and sugar.

There are differences among Arab countries because each one uses different techniques and ingredients, but the essence is the same. Almonds, pistachios, nuts… A world of irresistible flavours.

Regarding the Moroccan sweets in particular, we can find pastries such as gazelle horns, mainly made of almonds, chebakias, made of wheat flour and with a consistency similar to the one of churros, or warqas, prepared with brick pastry.

In the bursting city of Marrakech you will be able to taste a lot of delicious sweets. Drink your tea together with a pastry in mid-morning or in the middle of the afternoon. Although you will find shops where you will be able to buy them everywhere, around the stop 13 (Bab Agnaou) of the route Historical Tour of the Marrakech City Tour there are some of the best places to taste them.