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Royal Theatre

Théâtre Royal de Marrakech
  • Historical Tour Route

The Royal theatre is located at the beginning of the most prestigious thoroughfare in the city: Avenue Mohamed VI. It is an impressive building, designed by the architect Charles Boccara in the late 90's. The architecture of this opera is inspired by ancient Italy, the oriental tradition and especially  the Anchor Hispano. 

In front of the Royal Theatre you can find the astonishing  new train station built in 2008. The new station, located 100 meters closer to the city-centre district (and directly opposite the Royal Theatre), is larger and was built to serve the planned extension of the rail network towards Agadir and Laayone. It contains several shops and fast food restaurants, including a KFC or McDonalds. The main entrance represents one of the old doors of the Medina, called in arab Bab Er Rob.