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20 Feb 2019

MACAAL: Meeting the African contemporary art

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Marrakech is one of the leading African cities when it comes to art. Among its wide range of museums you should not miss MACAAL— The Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden –.

MACAAL is an open window to more contemporary and modern Africa that joins the Zeita Mocca museum in Cape Town in order to give visibility to emerging artists from the continent and celebrate cultural diversity and creative freedom.

Among the artists exhibiting in this museum there are people of Moroccan nationality and of other neighbouring countries.

The museum has permanent exhibitions that are complemented by temporary exhibitions such as "Material Insanity" that will be released next February 26th. This exhibition is based on the use of everyday materials that are given a symbolic meaning.

In this year, MACAAL will open a residence for artists that will allow creators to conceive and share ideas in a space specifically designed for artistic immersion.

Also from Macaal it is possible to reach the Al Maaden sculpture park, which has a series of sculptures spread out around the golf course. On this case, the works are from artists from China, Argentina or Canada.

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