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28 Dec 2018

Hammam, indulgence yourself!

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Hammam, indulgence yourself!

Bustle is a part of Marrakech charm. But you also want sometimes to get out of the daily hustle and bustle, right? There is no better place to relax than a hammam.

Hammams are old public baths, inspired by Roman and Greek ones. But nowadays they have become more a social meeting points and spaces of care.

There are many hammams around the city: from the most traditional - which will make you move to another era - to the most modern. And of course, there is also a hammam according to each budget.

To start your visit you need a basic kit that consists of towel, flip flops, olive oil black soap and a kassa glove to exfoliate the skin. In the second step, you will decide the best option: your ideal water temperature, room of vapor, and a gentle massage with oils.

After the bath itself, the experience go on tasting a nice hot and sweet mint tea. Definitely taking a hamman makes your day!

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