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25 Jan 2019

Gueliz, the Modern area of Marrakech

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At only three kilometres from the Medina of Marrakech, you will find Gueliz, an area that will make you doubt if you have soddenly moved to a different city. Maybe it is an exaggeration but at the known as New City you may find architecture, restaurants and shops very different from what is traditional in the City. Do you want to discover Gueliz?

The main point of this neighbourhood is Place du 16 Novembre, where the central market is. If you walk around the area you may eat a hamburger from the most famous fast food chain in the world or buy in the most luxurious stores that can be found in any European city. All those things while you still can listen to the call to prayer from the Koutoubia mosque.

Gueliz is the favourite leisure area for tourists. There is a wide variety of bars – with more working hours than other place of the city – cinemas, museums and the Pallooza Land amusement park.

We can also find calmness in El Harti Park, very close to Hassan II Avenue, one of the main avenues of Gueliz.

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